32nd Week – Vikings

Thirty second week, the Eighth month I think, I’m starting to loose count ahah. This week is a bit special, I’ll talk about something I like since I’m young, Vikings. Do you know them ? Do you watch the TV Show ?


When I was younger, I would always remember that one day my father told my brother and me our family name means “Half-god of the war”. It deeply marked me, and as the origin of my name is from the north I’ve always identified myself as a Viking. Even if I looked as French as I could, a real baguette, no muscle, tall and thin ahahah. Now is a bit different, thanks to the Shaolin training I’m building up muscles. First questions for you guys, do you know the TV Show “Vikings” ?


Yep, that one, with Ragnar, Rollo, Bjorn and Ivar the boneless ! A good TV Show. What you might not know is that it is filmed part of it in Ireland, and I used to live there for a good two years. At some point they were looking for people to do appearances, and guess what ? I was in, yes !! I spent two full days shooting two scenes, it was a long and enjoyable ten hours shooting. I’ve met at few matters close Alex Hoeg, and he let me a great feeling, he is a shinning person, very lively, I was impressed. Fun fact I was not a Viking but a Russian Noble XD, they even straightened my hair.


That said, I met through Instagram an online shop that is glad to have me as their ambassador. No kidding, first time I do that. And this week end I received my first cloth to represent them. A viking jacket, all fluffy inside, perfect for this winter weather and it shows the Vikings TV Show Logo, I’m happy !!

You can check their shop here :

Β Viking Lair

It is the first step for me to dive in my Vikings passion and also to try to keep my lifestyle here. I hope I will be able to help them as much as they help me. I will soon make real good shooting of this jacket, but for now I let you have a sneak peak of me wearing it.


I was quite surprised by all the products they proposed, they have Mugs, Necklaces, T-shirts, Sweat/Jacket, Watches, Covers for Passeport and Bracelets. Im impatient to get more stuff from them. Here is a quick view to what they sell :


Do not hesitate to support me and go purchase on their website :

Viking Lair

(they ship worldwide, proof is that I’m in a remote place in China and I received it in few weeks)


Ok last thing, most important of all, Yesterday was my brother’s birthday, he turned …. euh older ahah ! If you read this, I would be happy to read your comments wishing him a happy birthday πŸ˜‰ he will not care that much knowing him, but I’ll make him smile I bet :p


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