31st week – Winter, snow and Little red fist

31st week done, in the seven month of my journey to learn Kungfu. Meeting amazing people, working my ass out to keep that life style I love, welcoming the snow and my last form completed.


Seven month, that is 1/4 of my initial stay at the school, I’ve met crazy people, boring people, many people and all of them were unique. But the most surprising for me is the people I meet online, through social media. Sometimes I get guys that start to follow me (@colorfull_colorblind_man), they comment some post or they start a conversation with me and I figure out that what I do even if I feel it is nothing is important for others, or even give them inspiration. And I’m moved by that, at the beginning I started traveling and else to inspire my little brother and sister, to show them anything is possible, now little by little I can see it is slowly growing into something bigger. So happy of it !


Also I work my ass out to keep that lifestyle, being here is cool and all but I want to keep training when I’ll leave the school, and for that you need time ! What is time ? everybody will tell you “time is money” damn right, but it is also passion, like Kungfu for me. So how to do ? So far I was able to start three partnership or sponsorship with three different brands clothing and apparels, I’m still waiting to receive my product to show you all of that, but if it works for me then I’ll have another success to add to my life and with hard work I might be able to keep training πŸ˜€ sounds like a dream for the moment, but if I know something is that a crazy dude with a dream and the patience to apply the necessary step to make it real, will eventually make it real !! (practice, until it pay off)


That said Winter is still there, recently it was only cold, a damn freezing cold, bitting to bones. Many things to know about it, first we are in the negative, sometimes to -10, and no joke recovery in the cold is twice to three times slower than in the warm, so everybody is worn out or broken. This week as an example, my hamstring are painful and I cannot do kicks or low stances, so no training :/ or you train but 50-70% of what you can do. Recovery is important, and the better you understand your body the better you know when to push when to stop (I pushed on Friday, and it was my mistake ahah). What is cool for this week, the snow !!! Yes, the snow arrived and it stay here with us. I love hearing my step on the snow that sound is similar to holiday to me, I’m like a kid. Everybody was like a kid I think πŸ˜€


And finally, my last form Xiao Hong Quan, you can translate it by little red fist or little blood/flood fist. It is a long form, many movements, only short movement for close combat. It takes you a lot of stamina to perform it, you need to know when to breath and all, interesting and tricky. My favorite part is at the beginning I do a kick that go to outside and make my feet snapping both of my hands, months ago I was clearly not able to do such a kick, that is why I love it !!! Except that even so I’ve completed the form, I haven’t yet graded it, I need to perfect it before, so the form here is not my best show at this date πŸ˜‰ ahah just watching it again I can spot my mistakes, ext grading when I’ll present it, the form is gonna be way more perfect and I’ll show you the form again πŸ˜‰


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