29th & 30th week – Xmas holidays

Two weeks in an article, not the first time and surely not the last time. We had some days off, well deserved and completely needed. Body is worn out, tired and the mind the same ahah.


So yeah I took a week off, did not wrote an article and just enjoyed the time as it was. I talked with old friends, ex-workmates, ex-students at the school, etc etc. As I was saying in that intro body and mind are exhausted, the freezing cold is here, the recovery take longer, the body is non stop tense (mine is always tense even if it is hot, if you happen to train in my group you’ll hear my Shifu spending all of his time saying “relax your shoulders” xD). The most difficult part is for the stretching, we need to do a good warm up, like when we do our morning run, we have to make sure we run faster than usual to activate and heat the body, then we have around 15-20 minutes stretching, and then we hit the beginning of the class with high kicks so it better have to be warm and elastic otherwise you might get injured.


That was the training part, now talking about good stuff, the off days we had, there is around 20 students at the moment at the school and some of them took longer time off to visit a bit so we were not that much. We used that time to go all of us in a buffet to eat Chinese food. It was awesome, there was boiling water & spicy water for everything from the sea, an electric grill in the middle of the table, lots of barbecue meat, and even ice creams. All of that for only 52 Yuan, and there was no limit to how much we could eat.


We were like kings !!! Also in China in remote places, if you are not Chinese (a foreigner) you are the main attraction, people stare at you and if they can have a picture of you with them it is definitely Christmas for them (I d’ont even talk about having a video ahah) so times to times during our dinner people would pop up, speaking Chinese (no one of us speak Chinese so sometimes it is fun) or trying to speak English.


If you know me well, you know I’m a playful man, and every time I like to act like them and stop to take pictures with them, moreover the kitchen ladies at the buffet were funny :D. Except that because of the cold we went most of our time in our room, talking, laughing, watching 9gag or browsing Instagram. Ah yes there was that one day we went with my two best buddies girlfriend in town to do shopping a bit and they stopped for nails thingy stuff. I used to be patient, but it seems it was too much forme this time ahahah, I even lost Tomasa and Felixio on the way, you can see them contemplating the nail book, I bet next time they will do their nails too Ahah.


Last part, while I was talking with my friends, some of them were saying that they were stunned by what I do here, and I’m moved by that because for me it became the routine, I mean it was a dream when I was a kid and all along and now it is my life. Sometimes I don’t know what to show or what to talk about in my blog, and I’m so happy that Gwen asked me about Stretching and how far we can go etc, ’cause now I have an article to work on in a deeper approach.


So if you’d love more information on something I’ve talked about before, or if you’d love to see something in particular do not hesitate to write in the comment and I’ll see what I can do ;). On that have a happy new year.



  1. Bonne année 2019 et plein de bonheur dans ta nouvelle vie ou tu as l’air si épanoui malgré la souffrance physique, c’est impressionnant tout ce changement !


    • Merci, la souffrance est secondaire, il faut l’accepter comme éphémère et sur le moment et se concentrer sur le succès que l’on cherche à atteindre et c’est cette sensation de réussite qui permet d’être heureux et continuer 😀 Bonne année à vous aussi 😉


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