Twenty Eight week – Fratatatatata

7 months already, more than 1/4 of my initial will to stay. Another one bite the dust, the longer you stay the more people you see arriving and also the more people you see leaving. In that continuous flow I’m still there trying to build my future πŸ˜€


So people are leaving, those people, you spend all of your time with them, you eat together, you train together, you drink together, you go out together, you discuss together. We are in a school, nothing around (almost) so of course some bonds are creating. Hopefully not with everybody, but still sometimes you meet one dude with who there is a link.


Before I moved in a single room I had two roommates, Keven who is gone since way too much time now, and Frata, he left us yesterday. It was intense to have him around, fresh french guy, he arrived he was not able to speak in English. He moved in my room and we were in the same training group. I had to translate basically everything to him, there was even a situation where the Shifu speak in Chinese, the Chinese translator in English and then me in French to him xD Lots of funny situations came out of that.


No need to say that we became close, spoiler alert, he can speak a correct English now, I’m very proud of all the efforts he made in that way (because that is a lot of work).


Him left, quick side note, it is damn cold here, snow stopped to fall, but everyday is between -3 and -8 if not more. The lakes around are all frozen, even ducks cannot dive ahah.


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