Twenty seventh week – Winter is coming

27th week, already the seventh month here and winter came with snow and icy lake. It is that time where I’m happy to be inside drinking a hot chocolate and being with my friends.


Drinking hot chocolate, I missed that, a big thank to Basia who provided me Cacao powder πŸ˜€ It always makes me think of that period of time I was a kid, cold outside, warm inside, watching cartoons with your sheet over your shoulders πŸ˜€


Nostalgic moments on the side, this week end I met an old student from the school. That dude was there when I arrived and he left the week after. Not that long time with him but enough to bond a bit. It was refreshing to see him, best part is that it gaves me lots of more motivation spirit. When that happens you can review how good (or not) you were and see all the improvements you’ve done since then.


It is one of the best experience. I mean you can measure your improvements on a daily basis, for exemple I can catch my feet when I’m stretching and day after day I can catch them easier and easier. But when you go back to the first days, then you see the giant steps you’ve done. It is a good confidence boost.

Ok thought aside, now the new form I’m learning “Xiao Hong Quan“. Which means the little blood fist or the little red fist. It is a long form with a lot of segment. I’m only at the beginning so far, and I love it. Very simple as it is only the movements we do in the basics every Monday and Wednesday, so I feel good with it. Other point is that it is only short range kick or punch, very practical, easy to picture your opponent when you train. Well I’ve said it but I’ll say it again I like it πŸ˜€


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