Twenty-Sixth week – Dao Grading

In the precedent article I was telling there should not be any grading before February-March, and surprise we have our last one Friday. Well that’s perfect because I can show you some progress. This time I’ve learned the Dao.


The Dao ??? Like Dam Dam Dao ? No, not at all !!! It is the Chinese pronunciation for Broadsword. And yes someone was crazy enough to give me a sword. It is flexible at the tip of the sword, so less harmful and you can use that to make sound during your show. And us mens, love making sound with our toys it is not new ahah.

Image result for Dao

Flexible and less harmful yes, but still I was able to cut my little finger. The interesting part of this form is that I had to learn it with the right Hand, while I’m a lefty ! So much hustle, nothing felt like normal or flawless for me. Plus my right shoulder and harm did not had yet the necessary muscle to move freely like I wanted. Lots of muscle aches later, I eventually feel better using my right hand. The brain adapt so quickly, you just need to practice.


Anyway here is the video of my grading, you can see that after the first jump I almost fall, but somehow maintain my balance ahah. there are few mistakes, however I still need to be faster than that and I need to make more noise with the sword. I definitely like my jump kick, felt so good to do it !!!

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