Twenty-Fifth Week – Daily life and a bank account

The 25th week and I feel like I have nothing to say. I even already wrote this article once but got an Internet issue and I have to rewrite it agin (I should have copy/paste it, damn). Anyway, I wrote 3 articles about the International festival of Wushu, 1 about the Hal-Marathon and here we are now, just a normal week 🙂 .

A normal week might not be normal for you, everyday we do hundreds of kicks (if not thousands), hundreds of punches too. We push our body in different stances, going lower and lower, or for the front kick higher and higher. We spend 30 minutes to stretch, taking long minutes on each legs, in different positions, some of our forms include splits, and I’m far away of that (even far away to ask for a Kungfu form with a split in it).


I recently finished my Dao form. Dao is the Chinese name for broadsword. That sword you can see in Chinese movie. I thought I would not love it since I have to use my right hand and I’m a lefty. But after few trials I started to get the good feeling with the right hand. My form still need more practice so I won’t show it this week, surely next week.


Fun part is that I cut my finger, serious part is that my finger is still with my hand ahah. There was blood everywhere, my shifu laughed a bit, the path of learning can be painful sometimes. After that unfortunate accident I proudly decided to name my sword “Xiao Shouzi” which means little finger in Chinese.


Other news in my daily life, is that after 6 months in China I now have a Chinese bank account, at the ICBC bank. I still have 18 months to go (if not more) and it will make my life easier. Now I don’t have to keep money on me, I just need an app (Alipay) to pay whatever needed, Taxi, Clothes, Street food, etc !! Everything work with a QR code to scan and then you type the amount you need or they ask and Tadaaa it is done. Pretty scary if you are someone you can’t control his money and buy a lot of stuff. Who is struggling after Black Friday ???

Image result for ICBC

Other story, I now train only the morning, and I’m using the afternoon for me. I’m trying to setup a business through collaborations with different brands (so far only one have answered positively) so I could make a bit of money, staying here longer and keep travelling. What do you think of it ? 

Last part, I might sometimes missing some inspiration, my bad, and if there is something you’d love to know or see, do not hesitate to comment it, I’ll do my best to answer and consider an article about it.


  1. Je ne pensais pas quand je t’ai fabriqué ton déguisement de Tortue Nidja au carnaval de la maternelle que ça aurait autant d’impact sur ta vie futur , hahahaaaa !


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