Twenty-Fourth Week – Half Marathon

I’m literally running to finish this post !! And that title, not even about Kungfu, what is happening ?? Long story short, there was a half marathon around a mountain close to our location and Wei Shifu proposed us to participate to it.


A good 21 Km, walker and runner together around 2000 participants and from what my Kungfu brothers have said a 300m height difference. That said if you’ve read my other posts you know that I love running, so of course I showed up. Plus it is not the first time I’m going on a long run, I’ce done it before between my hometown and the town I had to work to see if I could do it with a jogging (and I did) !


Here we go, from WingChun group, Gabriel the running guy (Johnny would have said “ohhhh Gabriel” ), from Song Shifu we have Jared and Kevin and from our Group (Shifu Wei) we have Silvio, Dan the Alaskan, Aviv, Jose (the fresh newbie from this week), Basia, me and for our biggest pleasure Wei Shifu si gonna run with us.


Dan, Gabriel and me squeeze ourselves to be in the beginning of the crowd, smart move we avoid most of the pack and can start to run our way. I do a good 5 Km with Gabriel, but that Guy is damn too fast, *spoiler alert* of our group he will finish first. Except that the most difficult part was the 5 first Km, time for my breathing to adjust to the air (pollution everywhere even in remotes place, you think it is fog, but no no no it is not).


After that I’m ok, Km 8 a group of old people start to run with me and motivate me to go faster. Those freaking runners were all older than me and I could follow them only until Km 13 after that I said goodbye to them ahah ! Too fast for me.


Km 17 we go back on our step to head to the finish line, on my way back I meet everybody, and that huge dude of Alaska is eventually able to pass me Km 18. Yep, that the point I could not run my pace anymore, my left knee kicking in pain too much. *Spoiler Alert* Dan the Alaskan finish second of our group, I think his time was about 1 hour and 37 minutes.


Time for me to hit the finish line, I do my French, hands up, finger pointing the sky, a bit of arrogance is always appreciated ahah. I get my medal and a so soft scarf (yellow or orange I let you tell me since I cannot know it). 1 hour and 50 minutes, damn good for me !! I love it, I’m happy, but not the time for celebration I need to drink and to eat something !!!!! For the story the first of the course did 1 hour and 15 minutes.


That done we head back to the school … wait no we need to eat more so we stop at a dumpling shop eat a lot, pack sugar through coca-cola and then we go to school. It seems I had energy left because I ran to be first in the showers ahah. Now I’m here writing this article.Β 

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