Twenty Third Week – Competition Part 3

Last part of the competition adventure, our time at the Shaolin temple, visiting and shooting photos with Wei Shifu, plus the closing ceremony which was more beautiful than the opening one !!


The millenium sagouin temple is huge, many Km, and in an afternoon we could not visit everything, so our group started to split up and “Surprise” the boys went together ahah πŸ˜€ It was as the first day on the road, a lot of kids were performing here and there and they were as good as us if not better, the path of the warrior is endless !


Except the performances, it is a temple so you can find places were to pray, and also lots of statue or carved stones, I especially love the one with the turtle (fits perfectly with the name of the blog). We can’t really see it on the picture, most of the statue are huge, human size or twice human size, everything was so impressive.


Impressive and in the mean time not suffocative, there was some kind of harmony and peace here.


With the boys, we were of course fooling around, we’ve been interviewed twice. Once by a Chinese TV and another one by a Chinese youtuber, it is an international festival, but still Chinese people are not so use to foreigners in some places it seems. You can see below my best buddies at the school trying to mimic the statue, and of course we were all wearing our school t-shirt πŸ˜‰


Fooling around finished, we went back to the hostel and the normal following should be the closing ceremony, then the Shaolin temple again. But I change the order and I put first the morning after the closing, when we went to the Shaolin temple to take some pictures while nobody was there. (my bad if you get lost because of me).


There was nobody around, we could be in front of the gate of different temples, or in the garden striking our best poses, it was like a dream, just us and the Shaolin temple, unforgettable !!! And then Wei Shifu bring us on the mountain of the Shaolin temple, there was no define path to where we were going. I love that kind of adventure, in the middle of trees and rocks, a bit of tracking, a bit of climbing and here it was !!!


Mountains and little pond surrounded Β by lots of trees. The scenes of my childhood, the movies I’ve watched, everything was looking alike. Time for our Shifu and his brother&disciples to strike some pose and impress us.


On the way back, Wei Shifu stopped us in a temple where monk trained, you could see the floor smashed by the stomp, and technically you could only take pictures from outside to preserve the place. I don’t know what kind of person is my Shifu at the Shaolin temple but we were able to go in that preserved place and train at eh exact same spot of the Shaolin monk … For few minutes I was a Shaolin Monk, mind blowing. And as if it was not enough, we went to the pagoda place. See that as a cemetery, and the higher is the pagoda the more important was the person. So once again we went in a place were people can only see from behind the fences, we were all amazed by those privileges we had. The pagoda … it was again like in the movies of my childhood ❀


Ok the closing ceremony now, because it is better to finish with it. It was at the same place as the opening ceremony, however this time it was during night (8Β°C) they illuminated the castle in many colors (I could not see all of them of course, because my colorblind glasses are also sunglasses and sunglasses during the night … well you get the picture right ?) They also used light game to write or animate things on the mountain, and at some point people dressed in the same way would also appear here and there in the mountain, as if they use a teleport skill oO.


A quick video, not the music of the ceremony and definitely not the many hours of watching, and I hope you will like it.

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