Twenty Second Week – Competition Part 2

The second part of this 12th international festival of Wushu and Shaolin, this time it’s all about me, just the forms I’ve performed, in solo, and the one we’ve done with the team. There are a lot to say about my performances and I will try to stay positive !!


Here we go, the day spending in awe in front of the kids practicing everywhere during 8 Km and the opening ceremony are now done. Time to show what we can do. We arrive at the place of the competition in Dengfeng, and a huge dome is waiting us. So far everything s familiar for me, makes me thinking of that time I was playing tennis, there was a dome like this (way, way smaller).


Well that is as far as I go relax ahah, we enter the dome, atmosphere is changing, it’s huge in the inside too (not like the Doctor), there are 4 grand carpet for the performances and the international people (us) are occupying the number 1. Her we go, on the carpet, stretching, testing our moves and oh god this carpet is weird, the balance is off, not like a still floor, trying to not disturb others … because absolutely everybody was on the carpets Oo Imagine 2200 athletes sharing 4 carpets ?


At this point I’m not Midjy anymore, I’m somewhere else, in my bubble, focusing, just me, just what I can do and that crazy heartbeat. All of my body is stiff, no jokes or smile are able to come out and I think others are the same because we don’t talk a lot to each others (or maybe t is just not talking to me because I’m behaving too differently than usual ahah).


Anyway, my turn come quickly and here I go for the Tong Bi Quan. So, that is the part I need to stay positive ahah. If you’ve read my other grading article and have seen this form before you will see that I’m far away from what I’m used to do. balance of the carpet apart, my stances are not low at all and I’m not flawless, more like mechanic. Cherry on the top, my tornado kick looks like shit xD. Good point ? I did not felt on the ground, did not forgot moves πŸ˜€ Because some did and I think I would have froze and never moved again ahah, not without saying Shifu Wei was there and if you forgot a move you get 10 000 push ups :O !!!

Stressed moment passed, my usual mood and smile are back, feel good to be yourself again. And you know what I’m happy to be there, 5 months of training, I participate in an international competition of Wushu agains youngster, that’s cool, I’m in China, far from home. That was a shock realizing that, starting that moment I was just all the time happy, got a medal, got on the podium and I’m with friends ! I’ll never forget that.


Surprise kicking twice, on the staff form I went back to the stressed myself ahah !! Man, does anyone has tips or advices to give to help me ? (don’t tell imagine you not there, or there is nobody or you are at training, because that is exactly what I’ve done). Anyway my staff didn’t flew away of my hands or the carpets ahah, so I’m safe, and my flowers (the way the staff is turning) are still good, just wrong point, almost fallout the beginning and because of that I did not tried to go low in stances once again.

Fun part is that during the forms I’m someone else, that stress guy, but then I’m just a ball of happiness, just take a quick look at the picture, on the podium for the thirds place, nobodies is happy except me, just overwhelmed by happiness. I love that picture where Dani (the guy with the dreadlocks doing the staff with me) is looking at me ahah.


Last one, we have that group form performance to do, we are the very last one to perform, after us, no more performances, on the last day … and at this point I think that nobody was in stress anymore πŸ˜€ we went that far and all together, as one, we were there, ready. Shifu Song said there was some mistakes, but for me (and I believe for us) it is an amazing performance, learned in six weeks, just evening worked out, we got the Silver !!!


On a last part, I did not put the video of my Kung-fu Brothers & Sisters, but you can definitely see them on Instagram at :

  • @kungfukaffy (note apart, she finished her school period with us and I miss her a lot)
  • @siilvio (he did the same forms as me and having him around me helped me a lot to relax)
  • @felix_Inkf (my roommate, partner in crime and another ball of happiness)
  • @rockdaniroll (the most unpredictable of us, and a great special thank to him, he spent all of his time taking photos for us, he rolled on the dusty floor, went naked feet in a river to have the best angle, stand for hours just to record us, etc)
  • @jjntravel
  • @jaredshantz
  • @yogi_kshatriya
  • @kaushalyachowgule
  • @shaolinskungfuschool (our school)


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