Twentieth and Twenty first Week – Competion part 1

Two weeks, last week I couldn’t make an article and the reason for it was because I was participating in a Wushu Competition. I apologize for this missing week and hope you will like the content of this one.


A competition of Wushu, yes but not any competition. The biggest one in China and it was international, 65 countries represented, 240 Wushu teams and 2200 athletes. It was hold for four days, one for the opening ceremony and three for the competition. During this period you could present forms of Tai Chi, Shaolin KungFu and Group Form. For my part I went for a Fist Form (Tong Bi Quan, I showed it to you in a previous grading article), a weapon form (Yin Shou Staff, showed it too in a previous grading article) and a group form with the other competitor of our school.


We left the school on a Friday morning, not without trouble, the first bus was too small, and after ten minutes driving we figured out we forgot the school t-shirt. Except that, a good 9 hours in our mini bus was all what we’ve done during this main Thursday. Arriving in Dengfeng, the city of the competition, everything was looking different from the school. I mean we are in an almost remote place in Qufu, and in Dengfeng huge buildings everywhere and I would not be wrong if I’m telling you a good million people are living here.



Ok room checked, roommate checked too, an awesome dude I’m used to spend my time with … just kidding I’m spending all of my time with him (and Tomas), we are used to each other jokes, our doors at the school are facing each others, etc etc ! Perfect condition !! Finally a good breakfast, and even toasted bread, eggs, French Β fries (why not), tomatoes, vegetables etc. Now that is done, let’s head to the opening ceremony.


I was ready to get impressed and it was more than I could have anticipated. During 8 Km on the side of the road many young martial artists were preforming, spears, daggers, axes, conditioning, climbing, dragon, drums, fist forms, etc etc and all of that in a coordinated way !!!

After that I was feeling small, and when we arrived, surprised they choose Frata and me to be flag wielder of the France (my country) so I went from feeling small to feeling big, a quick rehearsal, people getting on their seats and here we go “FRANCE”, Frata with the flag, me waving to everybody and smiling (smiling is of course what I do the best), while waving I see my master in a corner, and I wave even more to him (pride to the max ahah).


And the day is not even finished, we dropped the flag and head to the public, seats were saved for us to assist the open ceremony. And what a ceremony, Kungfu for hours, in a synchronized movements for everybody, with awesome kicks, weapons, flexibility, even kids throwing in the air (at more than 10 meters).

Well what a day, exhausted of too much awesomeness, smiled carved on the face, time to go to bed and get ready for the competition, morning is Fist Form !!

See you next week for Part 2



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