Nineteenth Week – Group form & Group restaurant

The nineteenth week, already there, already finish !! Still preparing for the competition, avoiding injuries and sickness, rehearsal for the group form and a last dinner for our Monty who will leave soon (another one who leave too soon). Anyway, this week everything was made in group, together, as a big Shaolin family πŸ˜€


The competition has never been so close, next Friday we will move to Dengfeng (in the region of Henan) and we will stay until the Wednesday there. Opening ceremony, group form presentation, tao lu presentation closing ceremony, rewards and back to school. Just a few days before the big day.


So what about the group form I’m talking about since the beginning ? If you have already read some of my articles you know that a set of movements is a form, a Tao Lu, and we present it in front of our master the day of the grading. Basically, it is the same, only difference we are a group of Β 6 or more people to move altogether according a specific choreography. It has to be 3 minutes long, absolutely not less, and it is more or less agreed to go a bit over those 3 minutes, but not more than 4 minutes.


At the beginning the group was a bit messy, it took us time to find our synergy, we were 9 and now we are reduced to 8, maybe 7, all depends of the injuries. More than the synergy, the most difficult part is to be in sync with the other, without having to check what your buddy on the left is doing. As the master likes to say, the group is one person, it is like we have to think and feel altogether πŸ˜€


What I love the most about it, is the striking pose at the end. We make 4 lines, the first one do a backflip, the second line stoke a dab, the third line do a Kamehameha and finally the fourth line, where I stand with Frata, perform the movement of the Fusion we can see in Dragon Ball Z (when Goten and Trunks have to fight Buu), that is pretty awesome as a whole and I think everybody loves that end part πŸ˜€


Now Monty, a great guy, half German, half French, can speak three languages and one of the first person I’ve met at the school. You can always count on him, he is always ready to crack a joke with you or to go on an adventure.


When I arrive in Shifu Wei Group, he was the group leader, so no need to say that I have a lot of respect to that dude !! At the end he surprised me and made me the new group leader. I’m sad to see him leaving already, but so happy to have met him here, I will just add one thing that only a few people will be able to understand “Montys are smart” πŸ˜‰


He is the guy in black on the right



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