Eighteenth Week – QiGong

The Eighteenth Week, I’m still preparing for the competition (in 2-3 weeks), even so I almost injured my hamstrings, I get sick (again) and in the middle of this tumult I’ll post a video of the first form of QiGong I’ve learned.


The tumult yes, last preparations, photos done, check-up at the hospital, training morning, training the afternoon and even training the evening. That, plus the fact that I have sleeping issues, well result kicked in quickly, I could not front kick or go in horse stance position anymore without a pain in the hamstrings. (I’ve got “sunglasses” not to be cool, it is colorblind glasses)


As frustrating it might be, I choose to slow down, rest up in my room for a few days. And right when I felt my right leg was better and ready to throw a tornado kick, I got sick xD … Maybe my body is trying to communicate with me, who knows ?


Anyway, it is better happening now than at the D-Day of the competition, right ?

Except that I wanted to talk about QiGong, the video is old from last week and because of the grading I postponed it for this week. We usually do it on the Thursday morning, first class, we can do it at the school, or most of the time we can go to the mountain close to the school (we call it the QiGong mountain, creativity level 100 ahah). It was made during my hamstrings issue, so I cannot go very low on my stances, and even so, the place I choose was not really adequate for that ahah (almost at the edge).


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