Seventeenth week – Fist Form Grading

17 Weeks, the Fifth Month already, almost 1/4 of my journey, it is freaking too fast !! This week we had Grading, as every last Friday of the month. So I’ve done, the basics steps, the continuous fist and the Yin Shoulder Staff form.

And this Friday I’ve performed a new fist form, Tong Bi Quan (Penetrating back fist).


The morning we had a rehearsal to correct the last details and help the newbies getting accustomed to the stress. And during this rehearsal I was happy with myself, my stances were low (I believe I can go lower) and my speed faster (remember that time when my Shifu said I was TaiChi speed ?).


Even so the speed is faster I still have a long way to go to be fast enough for my Shifu ! Anyway, time for the grading, and I don’t know what happened but my stances were not as low as I wanted. Good point, I got my last kick done correctly, so happy πŸ˜€

Do you remember that I’ve signed up for an international Wushu competition in October (in three weeks) ?? I will present one fist form, this exact one, and one weapon form, the Yin shoulder staff, that you can watch in a previous article (the title is “staff only”).


And now that I’ve finished that, I am able to move on a new form, this time it is a weapon form. The second weapon I will learn is a sword, and I just received it ❀




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