Sixteenth Week – Moon Festival

Published on a Monday instead of a Sunday, what happened ? The reason is simple,



We’ve celebrated it this Sunday and I wanted it to be in this article because this week we’ve trained to present a not Kung-fu performance. Except that, it is already the sixteenth week, time flies, training keep going and my Kung-fu family is still there, forever.

The moon festival is a harvest celebration, yes, every mid Autumn (September) it is time to gather crops and else in China (and country around). And first I was like, “moon festival” > “harvest celebration” … I didn’t get the reference until they pointed out that it is always around this period that the moon is full, the most round.

And here it is an occasion to not only gather crops, but also family, to be together and to share food, have activities together. We had the excellent pleasure to eat moon cakes, do I need to say I love sweets ? Ahah the food was so good ! Yum Yum


So, a not Kung-fu performance ? Yeah to loosen up and have a nice break we had to show something that is not Kung-Fu, but what ?? Some of us did stand up, some, dancing, singing, and fir my part I was with others, trying our best to do singing and music (I played flutes with beer bottle) the coordination was a bit off, the singers were amazing, the laugh we had at the end are still ringing in my head.


Oh and we tried a new haircut for me, not bad, but not really practical ahah.



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