Fifteenth Week – Resting

The Fifteenth week, here it is ! This is it, Sunday, time to finish writing and publish an article. Wait, what have I done this week 😅 ? 

Yeah I’ve done nothing ! Training ? Nope not even a little ahah.


It is been over three months already I’m training and recently I found I could not stretch as far as before, also I do not recover as fast as I’m used !! 

Is it already the thirties striking 😱 ? Nah I don’t think so, it is more like exhaustion, my body needed a break, to recover, so I asked my Shifu and he agreed ✌🏼


Have you tried doing nothing ?

I can hear all of you already saying that it is easy XD no no no, I’m saying doing nothing not being lazy on video games or else ahah ! Well it is not easy, so right on the first day I needed to do something

Of course I, too, have played around and watching one or two movies 🎥 However i used most of my time reflecting on my situation, keeping my goals in sight and recentrer my focus in what I want.


That is what I want, doing what I like, when I want, where I want … sounds familiar to you guys ?


Actually I’m a student, in China, and for a good two years (maybe more)(I hope more). I train everyday, I love that, I meet new people, I like that too, I create bonds, best sensation ever (even if I’d like to have a deeper bond with my Shifu, as I’m looking for a mentor in life). 

So my life is good !!


And how do you keep that kind of life ? 

Wow that is the scary part ahah, yeah I’m a student in a foreign country, I don’t have my awesome job I’ve quit for that 😱 (F*** what I’ve done?), no regrets, just need to adapt !

I’ve tried two things this week, I wanted to join the Amazon Merch programme so I could provide my designs to them to sell T-shirts (I’m a graphic designer), results … they rejected me 😅.

Ok, second try I was talking with two of my kungfu brother and sister, check their amazing project (they have better experience than me in online business), because I wanted to integrate adds to the blog, and after hearing his good advices, no adds.

What now ??? Good question ! Hopefully I go back training tomorrow and I will stress that only on the weekends 😉


Moreover I have a competition to focus on.




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