Fourteenth week – The competition

Fourteenth week and I’m on the first time thinking “hmmm what can I write about this time ?“. Yeah this week was rather normal, a grading ? it was last time ! A new form ? I have finish it but still struggle with one movement (tornado kick) ! An injury ? Nope still uninjured so far !

Sometimes, for yourself, you are doing normal stuff, a routine and you forget to pay attention to facts or events that are worth an adventure tale ๐Ÿ˜€ Take your time, ponder your week, meditate your actions and realize you’ve been great !!


Ah yes found it ! I’ve signed up for a Chinese phone number … and a competition, yes, yes, yes, so let’s not talk about the phone number ahah.

ย Remember the last post ? At the end I talked about a competition I registered for. Yes, I’ve done that, I mean I paid it. And the big surprise for me was it is the first time in China I have to pay something expensive. That competition cost me 3390 Yuan.

Thousands ????? Well yes, but Yuan, so it is kind of ok, it is around 500$. Depending of your situation it might be cheap or expensive, for me who is “student” and does not have a work or at least an income it is expensive (a question at the end for you).


Let’s talk about it, what will I present to this competition ? First of all I need to present one weapon form and one fist form. Weapon form, it is gonna be the staff form you’ve seen last time, just that this time I have to make it more faster, my master told me I was Tai Chi speed …. #breakmyheart ahahah !


And the fist form, you haven’t seen it yet, the name is Tong Bei Quan. I’m in the learning process actually, I know all of the movements of it, the timing too, I just need to make it perfect with details and of course master that Tornado Kick (Like in street fighters, without the flames ahah)


It is gonna be from 19th to 24th October, a bit of time to prepare, we go to ZhengZhou, we will be in a 3 stars hotel As participants we will eventually receive a medal and a certificate, up to us to make it to silver or gold (otherwise it is gonna be bronze, well I’m colorblind I will lie to myself and believe it is gold anyway ahah). We also have lectures, opening, greetings and closing ceremony, also zen music ceremony.

What appeal me the most, is the Team Uniform, and most important the visit of the Shaolin temple. Only a few days here will be too short, I’ll do my best to see the most of it.

That’s it for this week, and as I said a question for you guys, what should I do to make money (I cannot work in China,, my visa is not made for that) ?

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