Thirteen week – Staff only

Thirteen weeks, the fourth month, ups and downs, my skin fighting the weather, my friends leaving, new people arriving and a new grading form.


Two friends, two Shaolin brothers, two brothers of the “Brotherhood Table” (I might talk about it in a later article) left us. Ahah they not dead (it sounds likes it xD), they came back to their country. Philip “The Beast”, a force of Mother Nature, a big guy, simple, half German, half Russian, my Bratja !


Mattia, full of positive energy, always up for adventure and way funnier than me, another Italian man I met and I’m so proud to count in my circle of friends. So they left, I’m not sad, people come&go, but I already miss them, we had so much fun together, so much laugh.


Ok, feelings on the side, this week was the end of the month (thank you captain obvious) !!! For us it is the time to show our progress, to present the forms we’ve learned. And this time again I’ve presented something (just one form this time).

Staff form 1

The staff Form (yes, the title come from that subject), I loved practicing it, it is so different from the fist form, you need coordination to make your movements correct and looking beautiful.

There are some mistakes, I won’t pinpoint them, it is not the goal and in anyway I’m happy with what I’ve done. I’ve improved so much, I’ve build shoulder muscles (my staff is not flexible and on a long time practice quiet the heavy one). I also used to struggle with left and right, so it was funny to learn and I thank a lot my master for his patience. To mirror someone is sometimes so tricky ahah.

That is all for this week, just one last information, I’ve registered for a wushu competition. It will happen end of October so You’ve got time before to read an article about it, it is just I’m impatient to learn a new form for that competition and to travel in China, meet others competitor and shine in any possible way !!!

Staff form 2


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