Twelfth week – Hardening and Tempering

Twelfth week already, have you heard of “Twelfth on the shelf” ? (Yeaaah another pun) This week was rather calm, so I’ll talk about the conditioning class, yes that’s all, but there is quiet a lot to say.


The conditioning class, what is it ? Ahah it is when you put aliments together in their packaging before they are sent to the store … Wait what ? No no I’m kidding again, if we would have been working a food factory it would have been that, but not here, not in the Shaolin school I am.


Ah Ah Ah ! I can already hear some of my best friends or my brother saying “nul !” ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t care I’m still happy to say non sense. Anyway the conditioning is tempering your body so you can take or give hits harder ! And it is very simple, we start with a tree (not a soft one of course), we hit it. We hit it with the palm of the hand, the side of the hand (as for trying to cut it, or break a brick for exemple), with the tip of the finger, with the forearm (inside and outside). Also, for the hand we kind of smash them on a sand bag front and back of the hand), and we temper the head, not the front, not the top, but just between those two zones, and for that, easy way you place your head agains a wall or on the floor (if you can semi handstand with your head that is perfect).


Except for the head, we do that hundreds of times, depending of the time it takes, I usually does the forearm 500 times, 400 the side of the hand, and after that I lost the count ahah (counting is not the most passionate thing I like to do).

I’m writing, I’m writing and I start to think “God that’s a lot of explanation” !!! Ok ok, so last part, we build a bit of friendship … through hardship ahah ! Yes, you ask you fellow Shaolin brother to finish you with kicks and punches. Sometimes, when I watch the video I’m like “Uh ! we don’t go that hard in fact” and then I just have tot touch my legs or shoulder to feel the pain, or see the bruises. (If you look behind Felix and me, you can see Frata getting conditioned by our Master, so fearful !!!!)


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