Eleventh week -Just Kid-ding

Yes, I know … Another Title with a poor pun !!! Ahahah get used to it, I just love it too much, and the more I’ll master the English language the more I’ll make, just ask to the French people who’ve met me I am some kind of Living pun. So what happened this week, why is there a pun with “Kids” ???

This week was rather normal at the beginning, I was sick again, and because at some point I could not stay in my room and do nothing I forced myself to train. Best choice ever, today I’m still sick, coughing like a professional smoker (I don’t smoke) but whatever I train that is the most important.


Oh gosh I talked about me and didn’t answer my own question, what about the Kids ??? The end of the week we got another Kung-Fu school who came to visit us. A school for Chinese kids, they were disciplined and cute …. but wayyyy too much ahah.


It was a good occasion for us and them to share and show our skills. As I only have graded the basic steps and the Continuous fist, once again I did the Continuous fist. While I was performing, Merel was taking the pictures, and I don’t know why but there was that kid that looked at here with a huge smile when I show up on stage ahah !

That was the cool part, hopefully I did not make any mistakes ahah and instead of the grading I was not stressed at all, I think I’m used to this new stage … I say that but we will wait the next grading (Staff form) to see if I’m really not stressed anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰

After our school showed off, it the turn of the kids to show us their skills, and truth to be said they were impressive and well coordinated, as for the video where they do a bit of “jump&rolls” I was crying inside because I still cannot do that simple movement ahah (one of my weak points is the agility).


Then, and now we’ve been showing off to each other, we went outside and all together did some movements to reinforce friendship and experience. It was interesting and quiet new for us ๐Ÿ™‚ We were so much, so amazing !!



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