Ninth Week – Power Stretching

So Nine Weeks already, 2 months and one week, 22 months left ! It is so fast for me, I feel like nothing has yet been accomplished, and in the mean time so much have improved. I have different feelings, I came here to get the discipline to continue that kind of a lifestyle later on, but man, I don’t know how I will do, there is so much questions in me.

Stretching 8.jpg

At least, I can stop thinking when I’m training, that is the best part of this life style. Bye Bye the overthinking life ahah, and welcome the struggle and pain. If you follow me on instagram you might have already seen a bit of our power stretching, and today there is three videos.

As usual, we always start by a quick run to warm up the body, and then we usually take the mats outside to stretch, but this time we were inside I don’t recall if the weather was bad or not ahah ! I’m not a flexible person and as I’m overthinking everything I rarely relax, so for me it is always a challenge to improve my stretching.

Well, I’m glad to have this videos or photos at the beginning so later when I’ll post again my progress I’ll be able to see how far I went. Every day is interesting, little improvements are what makes me happy, it gives me the will to continue. For a lot of things it is the same, you might not like it, you might suffer it, but if you keep doing it you improve and eventually the reward, the success is what makes you the happiest guy. It is always worth it !

PS : Find the right peoples to train or work with, make it a pleasure, laugh and challenge each others, you will definitely improve and love it !!!

stretching 9.jpg

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