Seventh Week – Power Stretching

This week was different. I tried a shampoo and get an bad allergy to it, so I was not training at the beginning of the week. I’ve finished mystify form which is cool, and yet not perfect so still a week of work to do. I finally have a video of me during our power stretching training. And to start a pic of us meditating on the Qigong mountain.


Seventh week, and I thought the sun burn would of the sixth week would have be the worst thing to happen to me. No no no, I can make it worst (Ahah). So my fellow students tried a new shampoo, an awesome one, when you use it, it is like all of your body is getting cold, even if you heat up the water. My first reaction was “Oh god ! I’m a peppermint” XD .


And if everything was ok during the day, when I woke up the day after I felt like my arms and chest were burning, as if you put oil on the fire. I could manage staying calm and burning, but if sweat was to go on me I would burn X10. That is how I spent the Monday and Tuesday not training and just watching others.


Rest of the week, I could not wait to be completely healed and start training again. That was cool, and Shifu Wei (Shifu is the Chinese term for Master) teach us the remaining movements of the staff form. I now have to practice it a lot so I can make it perfect (PS : I’m not on the picture).


Also other important point this week and the next week are the hottest week of the year in China, close to 40 degree (in Celsius), and on the Thursday we went to the power training mountain (I talked about it in a previous post, the one with 940 stairs) and instead of running up and down, we walked it and the masters were with us, it was a real pleasure. πŸ˜€

I’m a bit of a shy person, and I’m not at ease talking about me or showing myself, but I have a little brother that is always asking me to show what I do on the blog, and so because it is hard to refuse him anything, I finally have a video of me, of the last part of our power stretching. It is mike a normal stretching, but you go PLUS ULTRA (who can get the reference ?). During this training we stretch legs for the split and back/shoulder.

That is the last part, back/shoulder, and it’s my Shifu who stretch me. (on the moment it is always painful, the reward is later when train you can see improvement) :


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