Sixth Week – Free Time

Weeks flies fast as usual. I found kind of a routine now, my body follow the exercices and still have energy to enjoy new things on my spare time. This week I got two huge sun burn on my shoulders, to the point skin was not here anymore, it is a first for me and it was a real challenge during training (though I could not do everything).

sixth week 3.jpg

So yeah as I said new things on my free time. I now go to the beginner Chinese class. I just started learning the pronunciations, the initials and finals of some words. No character yet, it is better to learn speaking before it seems. It is for some pronunciation so difficult to say, but makes the lesson so fun sometimes ahah. It is one lesson per week, so I don’t have much expectations of speaking Chinese fluently, in two years it won’t be enough, however I would know a bit and could start conversation with people so the most interesting part of meeting people is there !!!

sixth week 2.jpg

So far I’ve learned the beginnings form of the 5 steps and the continue fist, I’m now on the staff form and yet if with practice you eventually learn how to do it my biggest challenge is to remember all the forms. I had an idea, as I used to draw a lot on the past I could draw the different movements of the form so I have it in handy (if needed) and I better memorize them. Yes ! Great idea, but I lost my drawing skills ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hopefully through all the hardship I’m already going I learned to not give up, and started again learning how to draw with Pinterest tutorials (so in a month or two I could eventually make it).

sixth week 1.jpg

Soon I would like to take pictures of me, training, struggling, sweating, etc ! However the main issue for that is that I need a mount for my iPhone to take pictures on automatic modes. Because during the training I need to focus and train hard. So until I get that mounting I patiently talk about life here ahah. I’ll try to make the next topic about stretching (no promises, just I’ll do my best for it to happen).



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