Fifth Week – I need more power !

Fifth ? Wait, what ? Yes fifth week, I have no notion of the time, it fly so fast when you look back and it is so slow when you are in the moment trying to hold your horse stance, ahah. I’m part of the school, I feel it, I found my place, I know my worth, my strengths and my weaknesses.


And I need more power, sounds like a manga in my head, you know when the protagonist is at the bottom and search deep inside him something else to give him the necessary strength to save the one he loves. At some differences of course, I don’t have to save anyone, except my sanity, I don’t have the love one either ahah. In fact it is my Shifu (master) that keep telling me to put power in my movements, but you see, I don’t have a powerful body so my movements lack a bit of passion. that is starting to be fun because when he starts to say something I can finish the sentence with “more power” ahah, I take it the good way at least, makes me smile.


So, usually on the Wednesday I’m painful everywhere, and also, I’m mentally exhausted. come then two days, let’s say, less harsh ! Thursday is the day of the power training and Friday the day of the power stretching. “power” and “power“, geez it is all about power in fact xD. Let’s talk about the Thursday morning, we have QiGong first class, and conditioning in second class.


QiGong is a life saver, we can go out of the school, we cross some fields, we climb some rocks and here it is ! On a windy place, under the sun, we can start our QiGong movements, it helps to accumulate Qi (energy) within your body, and the movements are said to prevent some sickness, headache, backache, etc.


It is one of my favorite class, not because of the rhythm of it, but thanks to the school location, we are in the middle of nowhere, and there are nature everywhere you look at, tiny mountain where to climb, butterfly (big, very big) there and there. I like that, I love nature.



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