Third week – Rest

Already the third week, and man it feels like more than a month ! What happen so far, this week was kind of the same, training stuff and pains everywhere, I feel like I improve in stretching but it’s not yet that (I always expect more of me, which can be good sometimes)

What I want to talk for this third week is the free time we have. The week end specially, that is the moment you have still lots of energy and no training. Plus as we are located in a simili remote place we have nothing to do here, so we need to change air ๐Ÿ™‚

charlie & katie are.jpg

This week end with other students we wen to the closest city, Qufu City, 7am in the bus, one hour driving and here it was, Qufu ! what can you do here, not that much ahah. It was the city were Confucius was, so you can find some Confucius places to visit, but we didn’t came for that stuff.

Nope we came to evade ourselves on meaningless things, so we started with a cybercafรฉ and we played League of Legends for a good 3 hours. It was my first time playing that game, and we had a lot of fun (and no win ahah). We just took a few minutes break to go eat a chicken burger (not bad) and the guys went on another 4 hours gaming, while Camille and me started a walk around the city.

charlie & katie are-2.jpg

Good surprises, nice city, nice colors(I had my colorblind glasses so it was awesome for me, lots of red and green), a bit of nature there and there, some high wall looking so ancient melting with the modern city.

charlie & katie are-3.jpg

Almost everybody has an electric bicycle or scooter, few have a car and if so it is definitely an electric one, and don’t know why but the taxi can be pulled by horses ahah, I like that kind of contrast with the city.

charlie & katie are-5.jpg

Cherry on the top, it’s been three weeks I did not touch a coffee, and Camille found a coffee place where she offered me an iced latte, so refreshing and so good, I was missing that taste.

charlie & katie are-4.jpg

I’ve said it before, people come and go in the school, for a long time or a short time, I’m used to it, but still sometimes I wish they could sty longer. We are a good group, jokes and laugh are flowing ๐Ÿ™‚ and yet we have to remember that Luca leave in two weeks, Keven and Camille in 4-5 weeks (the other stay for a bunch of month so I have time).

I like these people, school is difficult we are together going through our own challenges, andย so it was cool to have that break with them, a good moment to relax ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. It is really nice to read your blog so thank you to show us that. Enjoy your time there, gook luck with your pains, I am quite sure that it would be better in a while. All the best.


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