Training – Part 1

Yeahhh a bit of training ! Ok ok calm down first, I’m not gonna show myself doing anything ! I will just talk about how we start every day training.

Every day we start by a run (I’m not sure if it is gonna be the same in Winter). A simple run, not so long, not so high. The difficulty here is the weather and the Air quality (pollution). That is my favorite moment, since long ago I love to run, I can clear my mind, feel the wind, I love that !

charlie & katie are.png

We start from the school doors and basically do a big circle in front of the school. First part is interesting we stay in the tree’s shades, you can hear the wind and the leaf, I like that moment.

Sans titre-5.png

Plus you can appreciate the only moment the road going down ahah (all the time it is going up, it looks like not but it goes up trust me !).

Sans titre-6.png

We cross the bridge, nice view, a water point, but not to swim, not to drink (people from here still catch fish inside it, but I’m pretty sure I would be sick if it is me).

Sans titre-4.png

We continue on the road, no shades to hide under.

Sans titre-3.png

Still the road, the last part, It is also a part I enjoy, the road is large, it goes far (see green circle), I feel my legs can eat the road (hit the road Jackย ๐ŸŽถ).

Sans titre-2.png

Last segment before the school, back to the tree’s shade, still not the time to slow down, I like to stop inly when I cross the school’s door.

Sans titre.png

As I said not long, not difficult, it take between 10-15 minutes to do it, just to start training, the next step being stretching/warm up.

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