First Week

It is the morning, Wednesday morning, and I arrived last week ! A week already, woop woop !

Every day I think that I’ve reached the maximum muscle pain I can handle and every day I go for a new high of muscle pain. I’m literally feeling my muscles and tendons screams on every movement ahah. Ever felt like an old man ? I do !

That’s for the record, I’m still alive and I still enjoy it. I haven’t yet picture of the training since it is better to focus while doing the exercises. Anyway, so far I just do the basic punch, the basic kicks, almost only that, hundreds of times in a different ways.

And you might think that I’m pretty sensitive feeling muscle pain doing just kicks and punch πŸ™‚ I would think that too ! In fact what is painful it is the stretching part, doing split, pushing you being more flexible, etc. If you think you do stretching before and after training … You are far away of doing stretching (well the needs are not the same).

That said, let’s talk about what happened the last few days ! During the week-end, I went to Qufu City (I’ll do a specific article on the city later on) we were able to drink something fresh (changing from the hot water) and with the warm weather we actually have, it was perfect. I almost stayed all the time at school (mainly because of muscle pain) in the shadow of the building to read a book (It is not me on the picture don’t get it wrong).


I was not alone and it was nice to hear from my peers that I was going through the same process as them, they gave me lots of advices.

Stayed in the shadow, because the weather here, is like it was in Uluru (Australia) over 30Β°C, no wind or so, no cloud, a heavy weather (Yes again, it is written in French).


And finally, after training yesterday, I bought my first pair of training shoes (you might have already seen this picture if you follow my instagram). They are not very flexible, but way better to grip the floor during training, it will change from my tracking shoes !


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