Daily Life – Part 1

Just to be clear, first day I went to training, jet lag or not ! Second day too, and I had my lot of pain, to punching trees, punching me, moving rocks, stretching to the point I had no other choice but to shoutout bad words (in French yes, but even so you could tell it was bad ahah)

But I was not taking picture, so I will talk about it on another article.

Let’s talk about where I live, my room, the bathroom, and my roommate. So where am I, China’s big so let’s start by sharing my position with you guys : My position

So yeah, close to a scenic area, we go train in the mountain sometimes (waiting for the opportunity to show you that guys).

What else ? (does someone think Nespresso too?) let’s start with the room, two beloved bed, mine on the left, two desks, mine on the right, a big window (the view is not interesting sorry ahah), two shelf and that life saving vent !


Yes, life saving ! Actually at 7am it is already 30°C outside, we need that vent, it is our Prince of Fresh Air ahah.


The bathroom, unexpectedly important because the funny part is that you throw your paper towel not in the toilet but in the trash reserved at this effect, that is a change for me ! Except that normal toilets, normal life. (I want to add poop poop pidou with a picture of Betty Boop, and I think after the Fresh Prince of bel air you might not be ready for it, so I won’t for this time)

There you can wash your hands and brush your teeth, however do not drink the water, I mean you can but you gonna stay on the toilet for a while :).


And talking about not drinking this water, another new thing for me is to buy the water I need to drink, not that expansive 5 ¥, when you think something is due, there is always a way or a place to show you not :).


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