The Journey Begins


That’s it, journey has started, it is 20 minutes before 1am and my beloved roommate offer to drive me to the bus station. 

Right on time, a quick hug to that huge teddy bear of him and I fall asleep in the bus.

After 3h sleeping I’m in advance for the check-in, perfect because I’m a little stressed about my weight bag. No stress they don’t even weight it ! Great I’m in the place for the next two hours 😀 

A good friend advice me to go to Burger King and i have the good reflex to not listening her ahah (no burger at 5am and even so I cannot eat) … ok I won’t lie, I bought a croissant and chocolate croissant, but don’t tell her or she will brag about it.

The whole trip will be like this : I sleep a little, I stay awake a little. I never really know what time is it and I change Time Zone two times so I’m a bit lost about that.

On the longest flight, Moscow to Beijing, I wake up, we are finally the 30th  of May, that’s my birthday and guess what, the lady on my left is holding my hand ! No kidding, I like to start like this ahah.

Well I eventually arrive and Alice is here to pick me up to the school. It is 10pm and we have a good 2 hours of driving before to arrive. Yeah, Midnight, I jump in my room, met my roommate, Kevin, Canadian from Quebec so easy first contact since we can speak together in French.

I lay down on my bed for a real night, and Oh Surprise it is not a mateless, something a way more rigid ahah. I don’t care I need to sleep, so I go through it and sleep.


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