The Oog…what ?

The Oogway, or the Turtle if you pronounce it in Chinese !

That’s me ! YES I wander around the world, and NO I’m not a turtle.

I make this blog so people can see realizing your dreams is possible (don’t let anybody say it is not). I grew up in a small town, almost a village to my eyes, everybody know each others, everybody follow their parents path and let’s put aside the misfits. And that’s why I started travels, to show my brother you can do whatever you want if you put your will in it. Now this is more for me, there is so much to see, so much to learn !

Writing this first article I’ve already travelled a bit, living 3 months in Germany (In Kelsterbach, a nice internship in a town hall and swimming pool), living 14 months in Florida (In Orlando working for Walt Disney World as a cultural representative), living 6 months in Australia (In the Nothern Territory, in the desert for a resort named Sails in the desert) and finally living 23 months in Ireland (In Cork, working for Apple).

What else ? I’ve visited :



  • Norway,
  • Italia,
  • Spain,
  • Andorra,
  • Switzerland,
  • Hungary,
  • England,
  • Tunisia,
  • South Australia
  • and Nevada.

A good 4% of the Earth, way to go !


So what now ?

I’m flying to China. I found a school where they teach you Kung-Fu, acupuncture, massages, mandarin, and it is gonna be 2 long years of hard training and discipline ! A life change.

And for now let’s see how things will go.


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