No One Left Behind – Item #1

No One Left Behind

Well definitely the toughest part of wandering around the world.

Through the experiences and the years I’ve accumulated lots of stuff, useful, less useful !

I’m used to it, but still sometimes I feel the need to buy something material, or someone offer me something … And here come the toughest part, I need to move again, I cannot take everything with me (specially because I rarely have more than a luggage or a bag ahah).


So instead ion listing what I left behind me, I thought I should be positive and make an article of everything I bring with me.


Because if I bring it with me, it means it is important to me.

And here is our first less useful thing : lil’ Chewy ♥♥♥

IMG_2490 2.JPG

Isn’t it cute ?

It was offer to me by my best Friend Ana and her mascot Olaf. Ana is a Wanderer too, my partner in crime in Ireland, definitely the guilty one if whatever happen (ahah she will contest it but do not believe her), a way better joker than me, she has a huge knowledge in music everybody try to forget or series from another time :). We started together at Apple, and we followed each other steps, same service, same teams, etc.

Best Friend to be with !

Since I leave and she stay, I take Chewy with me and he is gonna learn Kung-Fu.

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